4 Reasons Your Hospitality Business Needs Industrial Laundry

The hospitality industry is not limited to hotels; it also includes other businesses that cater to tourists, vacationers, and even locals. Having a hospitality business means providing leisure and enjoyment to your customers. In this line of business, it goes without saying that customer satisfaction is king.

That said, the things that make the biggest impact are those that affect your customers directly. In the case of hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments, this includes laundry. If you’re looking for ways to improve your services, here are 4 Reasons Your Hospitality Business Needs Industrial Laundry.


  1. You’re Particular With Your Laundry’s Quality

Having an on-premise laundry washer gives you full control over the handling of your laundry. This is extremely important for hotels that take pride in their high-quality linens. Handing it to a third-party supplier will not guarantee you that it will return to you in the same pristine condition. You might also face the issue of mix-up of laundry items with their other customers. So, if you’re looking for reliable on-premise laundry washers, you can check out www.continentalgirbaud.com for a wide array of washers you can consider for your business.

  1. You Incur Costs Without Long-term ROI

In a hospitality business, dirty laundry will never run out. If you’re outsourcing your laundry to service providers, you are incurring costs daily and you’re paying your supplier’s padded margins. If you invest in your own coin-operated washer, you’re operating at a cost but you’re also expecting an easy ROI in a few years’ time. Laundry solutions providers like Continental Girbaud offer modernized coin-operated washer options that are more durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

  1. It’s a Revenue Generating Investment

Tourists prefer to pack light and that means they are always looking for laundry services within your premises. Your business can take advantage of this need by having your own on-premise coin-operated washer. Accounting will not be a problem because you get prepaid cash income from these machines, which eliminates the need for reconciliation. Also, you’ll only need 0-2 staff to manage the machines because your guests can easily operate these.

  1. It’s Environmental Friendly

Modern coin-operated washers are more efficient when it comes to energy and water consumption. Moreover, new models now are engineered to prevent waste, misuse of water, also avoiding the risk of contaminating your business’ water supply. Some energy-efficient features are washing machines that reduce moisture levels to help reduce drying time and tumble dryers that switch off automatically when the load is dry to prevent unnecessary running time.

What’s our key takeaway?

Outsourcing your laundry doesn’t always make sense. What is more, doing so gives you little room to lower your laundry costs because prices are always increasing. On the other hand, having an on-premise laundry washer will enable you to ensure that your laundry is given due care and attention, which is not guaranteed in outsourcing service. In order for your hospitality business to be more flexible and customized when it comes to customer service, having your own industrial laundry is the most obvious solution.

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