7 Key Behaviors of Employees to Ensure High Performance

The most valuable ingredient of any firm is their employees, because they are the most important assets, who conquest the success in present, and secure the phenomenon future for the organization through their skills, abilities, experience, expertise knowledge and dedication. So, it would be unquestionable to say that human resource investment is an ingenious step of any firm, because it ultimately results in the success and revenue of the firm.  After the investment on the employees, performance of every employee is monitored and evaluated through their behaviors by One2One Performance Management System.

The management usually adopts common approach’s to analyze each employee’s role, which is known as “behavioral approach”. It is a complete analysis of employee’s performance to separate productive employees from non productive employees. Certainly, the behavior of employees is going to decide the success of the organization.  Who doesn’t want to be in a high position in the market? Every firm seeks better market value, and want employees who have the energy to work and succeed. To ensure high performance, success and effective employees, every company needs to observe and evaluate the following behavior of employees;



A positive attitude always helps, be it in the professional life or personal life. It brings out the best in you and contributes in your good will and success. Same is the case with employees, positive attitude towards work, clients, employer and co-workers gradually leads to the ladder of success. According to Luthans (2002), in today’s workplace, positive organizational behavior and positively oriented human resource effectively adds to performance improvement. Each employ should be;

  • Skilled in dealing with problems, people and work positively
  • Skilled at understanding and accepting the culture and system of the firm
  • Skilled at offering solutions
  • Skilled in emotional intelligence
  • Skilled at dealing with others to achieve the objectives
  • Skilled at working for others
  • Skilled at smiling and greetings
  • Skilled at negotiation and co-ordinating with others
  • Skilled at cognitive decision makings and critical thinking

Employees tend to quit their jobs more in today’s world. So, what can organizations do to keep their innovative and competitive employees attached to the firm? It’s true that working conditions attract employees to stick to the firm and give their best. However, companies should transform from traditional organizational structures to a positive and appreciative environment.


Professional employees largely contribute to the reputation of the organization, as they adhere to the norms of the profession and organization. Employees who are considered as professionals are valued, respected, and viewed as more intelligent and productive than others. Therefore, professional attitude of employees includes organizational skills, time management, decent attire, good communication skills, focus, ethical behavior, flexible, accountable, and courteous. It encourages employees to take pride in their work and increase productivity. So, professionalism should be appreciated and maintained in the organization for formal, orderly, official, and accepted environment.


How will you achieve your goal if you are not confident about yourself and others? Self confidence brings out the best in people. Confident and assured employees are valued in every organization as they trust their thinking, and are more likely to make better decisions.

As a leader, you need to make sure that your employees are motivated and self confident, because it plays a crucial role in their performance and competence. You need to appreciate thoughtful reflections, hardwork, and ideas of your employees, to let them perform better for the firm, and take pride in their work. So, acknowledge every employee and praise their work to boost their confidence.


A dynamic employee who brings new and innovative ideas to the organization is valued more than the employee who behaves static. Your employees are a very important part of your business. Creative behavior of employees is valued to obtain a competitive advantage, and ensure optimal creativity in employees to stand as a unique and distinctive organization.


Able to effectively communicate with customers, coworkers, employers etc. is the key skill all organizations seek in their employees because verbal, written and listening skills are critical to the success of every job. Good communication is significant for team effectiveness, customer relationship, profitability, employee’s competence, internal relation of staff and managers and employer’s satisfaction. An employee with good communication skills is likely to prevent or deal with miscommunication, conflicts, and decision making which ultimately contributes to the progress of the organization. Therefore, good verbal and non verbal communication skills plays a vital role of optimizing everyone on the firm.


Goal oriented employees want to achieve and accomplish their targets. Such employees are so focused, that they work day and night to prove to be the best. Keeping in mind the vision and mission of the organization, these profound employees work for the productive outcome. Goal oriented employees;

  • Complete the task on time
  • Focuses on daily to do list and outline task effectively
  • Spread positive energy in the atmosphere of the firm
  • Consider the goal as a dream with deadlines
  • Communicate their goals effectively
  • Active, persistent and intense

Employees with this attitude are willing to go above and beyond their duties, effectively complete tasks on time and bring innovative ideas for the organizations improvement. Their enthusiastic attitude dedication, devotion, and determination helps an organization to progress upward. These people always give their best performance, and gain attention in any organization because they are good at delivering work on time, ensuring high quality work, investing in their own self to look and do better. Their ambitious nature makes them do hardwork as they want to grow, and also the organization to grow. Certainly, they also work as a motivational tool for others.

An employee’s behavior has a lot to do with the organization’s success. The more hard working attitude an employee has towards work, the better for an organization.

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