All You Need to Know About Applying for Govt Jobs in India

Government jobs are considered to be more desirable by people in India due to job security and the perks that you get for a lifetime. Other than an attractive pay package and a systematic increase of salaries, there are many other benefits of working in the government sector that range from high number of paid holidays to a secure future.

However, thanks to its lucrative offer, the completion to apply for Govt Jobs in india is fierce, which means, you will be contending for the same post with millions others and you must really know the right way of applying to increase your chances. So how do you increase the probability of getting hired for that coveted post? In this article, we will share some practical tips to apply for the right jobs and prepare wisely. Read on to learn more.


Accept the competition and prepare for it

Rather than feeling discouraged by the intense competition, embrace this reality and prepare for it with all your might. If this is what you want for yourself, then trust your abilities and make consistent efforts to reach your goal.

Align your job applications with your qualifications

Don’t just willy-nilly apply for every job vacancy. To increase your chances of being shortlisted, it is best to review the available options and then apply for ones that are closest to your personality as well as educational abilities. Make a list of all the jobs that are suitable to your caliber and then apply for them according to their criteria.

Choose reliable resources for vacancies

Don’t get sucked into the common ploy made by some agents that they will get your dream job for a certain amount. Recruitment for government jobs follow a specific procedure and there is no way around it. So it is advisable to find information about your vacancies from reliable resources such as national newspaper ads, credible websites, government sites etc.

Prepare for each step of selection process

Don’t just focus on written exams because once you clear that, you will have to appear for group discussions as well as a personal interview. Each stage of selection process is an elimination round. Therefore, you must prepare for each of these steps to ensure that you reach all the way to the end!

Assess your readiness

You can use online question papers and mock tests to check how ready you are for the written exam. This exercise will prepare you for the expected questions and also help you finish the test in record time. You can also read up about group discussion topics and commonly asked interview questions to help prepare yourself. The more you know, the more confident you will be for the monumental task ahead of you.

Stay updated about the job openings

Many online portals allow you to subscribe to their newsletter so that you get informed about the upcoming job vacancies. These portals are a perfect way to get the latest information about the job openings to help you apply for one. However, steer clear from the fake websites that will trick you into paying for more information. All good websites provide information for free. So make sure that the portal you are referring to is credible and reliable.

Stay informed about the current affairs

It doesn’t matter which exam you are preparing; they all require their candidates to be well apprised of the country’s goings on. You can gather that knowledge by reading newspapers everyday and staying up-to-date with all the news channels. You can also add some informative books to your reading material. Some news portals also allow you to subscribe so that you get the latest news in your inbox everyday.

Keep a study log

You need to understand that the competitive exams for government jobs can be incredibly challenging. Maintaining a study log will help you stay on top of your schedule. Make a study plan that prioritizes your schedule as per your proficiency levels in certain subjects.

Be patient

Believe it or not, when preparing for government jobs, the best virtue you can have is to be patient. Don’t lose hope if you do not clear it the first time. Take it as a learning and try harder next time. Don’t allow panic to seep into your system. Read the question paper carefully and calmly before attempting. When you finish the paper and if you still have time, you should recheck all the answers to ensure that they are marked correctly.

These are some simple tips that will help you stay on the path of success. Following it will not only prepare you mentally but also practically. If you really want to enhance your chances of making it the first time, then you can use these tips as a guide to keep you on the right track.

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