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Social media is arguably the biggest innovation of this decade, transforming nearly everything we do. It has changed the way we communicate, obtain information, conduct business, and so much more. That said, Social media presents a tremendous opportunity for brands and marketers alike. Not convinced? Just ask corporate trade firms like Sherwood Integrated Solutions how they’ve taken brands from zero to hero with social media.

To date, there are over 2.34 billion users on social media. Experts only expect this number to grow to 3 billion by the year 2020.

Brands have had much success with social media. According to studies, 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users prefer to interact with brands they follow online. Consumers tend to trust brands on social media simply because they’re on social media.

Looking for ways to make the most of your social media accounts? Here are 4 Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Campaign:


  1. Make The Most Of Visual Content

Images and videos receive up to 650 times more engagement than text. If you’re looking for good returns on your social media ads, you best put your money into visual content.

A striking image or video is much more likely to catch your customer’s attention than long form text. Plus, it’s a much faster way of delivering your message. Text can take a while to absorb but visual content can get a thought across in a matter of milliseconds.

  1. Blog Your Way To Success

70% of consumers prefer reading blogs to receiving ads. Blogs are an effective way to get your message across without being too hard-sell. Plus, they can provide your audience with useful and meaningful content.

Brands with active blogs are 13 times more likely to get positive ROI on their advertising campaigns. Any sensible marketer will realize that’s a good thing.

Having trouble setting up your blog? Get media and marketing assistance from to put your blog on the map.

  1. Build Your Following Through Influencers

Influencers are the A-listers of the internet. When they speak, people listen.

According to Annalect, 49% of consumers rely on influencer advice before purchasing an item or service online. An endorsement or a positive review from a popular influencer can do a lot for your brand. In fact, the content generated by influencers gets 11 times the ROI of other digital media.

  1. Engage Current Customers

Brands focus too much on acquiring new customers that they fail to pay attention to their existing customers. This approach is counterproductive, to say the least.

Acquiring a new customer can cost up to ten times more than retaining an old one. If you want to be smart with your advertising dollars, focus on the customers you already have. Chances are, your existing customers are more likely to do business with you again. Instead of devoting all your efforts to finding new customers, take time to build loyalty among your current customers.

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. If used right, you can save money and get the most out of your advertising spend.

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