Find Customers Who are Like You!

Which Customers Make You Successful?

If you come into contact with customers who have many things in common with you and with whom you also share the same interests, these customers will be much more inclined to do something with you… What interests do you share with your find customers?

Connect With Your Customer

If your prospects, followers, network contacts, or connections notice that they share some interests or common interests or passions with you, you will bond much faster, you will be liked and liked more quickly than if there are no similarities. You see this, for example, on “dating sites” in which like-minded people try to find each other and matches have always been sought that lead more quickly to the so-called ‘click’. This also applies to your customers.

Find Customers

Increasing Your Likes and Know a Factor

Social Media can also be used to share your goals, interests, drive, and hobbies. This also has a favorable influence on your ‘like’ and ‘know’ factors. As a passionately driven social media trainer and business coach, I am also very active on Twitter, as a result of which I have also gained a large following in the past year. It is especially contagious when you talk enthusiastically about your passions and interests. Your contacts will therefore be more inclined to share your enthusiastic updates, links, photos, or video with their network contacts so that your reach continues to grow.

Humor Creates a Bond

Laughing together is always contagious and creates a bond. So try to regularly send something funny, a nice photo from the internet, a movie that you come across that makes you laugh, a joke about something you have experienced yourself, or other humorous content. This also contributes to your ‘like’ factor. You also show more of your personal side and that is just so appreciated.

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