How to Promote Your Business With Custom Packaging

If you primarily do business by mail, the way you package your products is extremely important. The only impression your customers have of you and your business is the one that they get when they open their packaged product, so be sure to make it a good one.

When you take the time to dress up your packaging, you’re helping how to promote your business. Customers like to receive attractive packages in the mail, so take the time to learn how custom printing adds value to your packaging. Then, each time you pay for packaging materials, you’ll also be making an investment in future business. Consider purchasing a few of the items listed below to help increase repeat business:

How to Promote Your Business

Printed Tissue Paper

If you ship clothing, jewelry, or any other items that need to be protected from wrinkling or breakage while in the mail, consider custom printing your tissue paper. Pick a color that coordinates with your business’s logo, then consider printing your business name, slogan, or another message on the paper. Printed tissue paper makes for an attractive package.

Printed Thank You Cards and Envelopes

If you’re shipping small items, such as gift cards, greeting cards, or stickers, consider shipping them in an envelope with a custom-printed thank you card. The card stock will keep your item from being bent in shipping, and your customer will appreciate receiving an attractive card that mentions your gratitude for their business.

Printed Stickers

When you have tissue paper or greeting cards to seal, consider purchasing printed stickers to do so. You can have stickers custom printed with your business’s name, logo, telephone number or web address, or another custom design. Stickers promoting your business are a fun and inexpensive way to market to your customers and clients.

Printed Gift Bags

If you traditionally sell your products at craft fairs or in brick-and-mortar shops, consider having custom gift bags printed. Bags are the perfect advertisement — each purchase needs one, and as your customer walks about the mall, fair, or other location, they’ll be advertising your business. Customers like attractive bags for their purchases, and businesses like free advertising — custom-printed gift bags are the perfect option to meet both of these needs. Purchase bags that complement your business’s logo and advertising, so that you can easily promote your brand across multiple venues.

Custom Ribbon, Tags, Wrapping, and More

Everyone likes receiving gifts — even if they’re gifts that they’ve purchased for themselves. Consider packaging your products in small gift boxes that are pre-printed, or wrapping the items up with pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, or tags. This works especially well for jewelry, clothing, and bath items. If a customer is buying your products as a gift, you’re saving them the trouble of gift wrap, and if they’re purchasing an item to spoil or pamper themselves, you’re adding to that item’s appeal when you custom package it for them.

When you market your products, keep in mind that packaging is an important part of your customer’s purchases. If you carelessly place their item in a plain brown bag, you’ve sent a message about your business that you may not have intended to.

On the other hand, if you carefully wrap your item in tissue paper, seal it with a custom-printed sticker, place it in a beautifully printed gift bag, then tie the handles with ribbon, you’re sending a very different message about your business, and your products. You’re marketing constantly, whether you intend to or not. What type of message do YOU want to send about your business? Order custom-printed packaging today and starts making a great impression on your customers.

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