Low Budget Marketing for the Small Entrepreneur

Low Budget Marketing is a form of marketing for freelancers and small entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of budgets to promote their business. However, a number of basic principles are necessary, in order to be able to undertake various low-budget marketing actions from there.

Low Budget Marketing: The Basics

One of the basic principles from which you can run various low-budget marketing campaigns is a good website. See your website as the heart of your company in its presentation on the internet. Whatever actions you want to take, many of your activities will lead back to your website. When potential customers come to your website through various channels, you naturally want to keep their attention from the first moment. If you are in doubt about the quality, appeal and online findability of your website, first do a website check to map out all points for improvement.


produce content

Low Budget Marketing and content marketing go very well together! By creating a lot of content, by means of writing blogs, short news articles, or setting up a content cannon, you can continuously lead a new stream of visitors to your website. The more valuable the content, the more you can bind a group of interested followers to you. Of course you regularly distribute your blogs via your social media channels, so that the largest possible group of readers can see your blog at various times. Content Marketing in this way does not cost you money, only time….

Low Budget Marketing with Social Media

As a freelancer, Freelancer, or small entrepreneur you need at least 2 social media accounts, where you regularly distribute your blogs, news articles, links to your landing pages, or special promotions. See your social media accounts as your online mailbox where you throw your ‘post’ out. In addition, it is of course also a tool for communicating with your (potential) customers. So make sure that your LinkedIn account is completely up-to-date, create a business Facebook page and possibly a Twitter account. However, I personally think your findability on LinkedIn and Facebook is the most important and still the most wanted by entrepreneurs. Also, spend an afternoon creating your business LinkedIn page and make sure to post regular updates here as well.

Do you already use giveaways to entice customers?

Do you know how to get potential customers interested in your services completely free of charge? Through free giveaways, with which you solve an important question or problem for your customer. Some examples:

  • Give away a free consultation session

    Promote a free consultation that you give via Skype, telephone, or face-to-face and solve a pressing or common problem of your potential customer. Give him or her the opportunity to ask pressing questions and offer good solutions that are in line with your knowledge, expertise, and specialty.

  • Create a Valuable E-Book

    Write a valuable E-book with important tips that will help your ideal customer. They will appreciate that you can learn from them and will also remember your name better if they can’t figure it out and still need your help. Then give this E-book away when people sign up for your newsletter. For example, put an opt-in or pop-up on your website, so that every visitor is aware of this giveaway. A visitor will then be more likely to be tempted to leave his name and e-mail address.

  • Have a growing email list with your newsletter

    I’ll rub it in again, but a good way to keep yourself and your company in the spotlight of your customers and interested parties is a growing email list and a newsletter that you send out with some frequency. You can also turn this into a low-budget marketing campaign by always giving away important tips and occasionally promoting a ‘paid’ service. Interested parties who have signed up for your newsletter and continue to receive your tips and useful facts will see you as an expert in your field and will purchase a service from you faster, sign up for your training, coaching session, or other services/product that you sell.

  • Offer a problem solution that you wrap in your free giveaway

    If you have a good idea of ​​your customers and their questions and problems that fall within your field, you can package your ‘solution’ in your free giveaway and announce this with a catchy, triggering sentence in your low-budget marketing campaigns. For example:
    ”Do you also run into your administration every time and you lose the overview”?
    > your trigger: “Receive the free administration organizer that every entrepreneur wants”

    “Do you also find it so difficult to mention your price in the first conversation, afraid that they will say no”?
    > your trigger: “Now get the 3 most important tips on how to get customers to say yes to your price”

But I’m not that creative to think of that

Entrepreneurship is of course creative thinking, daring to deviate from the beaten track, sometimes jumping into the deep end, and constantly re-examining your activities. Sometimes it is not easy to continuously have a clear vision of your goals and to know what you must or can do to get there. Especially if you have little money to take all kinds of actions or to spend (a lot of) money on Adwords campaigns or Facebook Ads.

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