Marketing Strategy To Promote Your Product In Q1

‘New year, new me.’ We have all been there, and we have all said that! But this oh-so-common adage does not only apply to individuals. It also applies to businesses! When the new year starts and the first quarter gets rolling, companies become pressured to set a good pace. Taking an impressive head start into the New Year ensures that the rest of the year will also go well. And this is why most companies try to make the first quarter remarkable.

Creating a unique product is only the first half of the entire process when you run a business. The trickier part starts when you set out to sell that product. Running a successful business hugely depends on successful marketing tactics. And these marketing strategies are of various types.

When it comes to traditional marketing, you can advertise on TV, run ads on the radio, or send personalized emails. However, with the advent of digital marketing, marketers now have many channels to promote and advertise their brands. Here is a list of some of these many marketing strategies to promote your brand.


  • Let Your Customers Vouch For You:

You can be skeptical about trying out a newly opened restaurant. However, the instant one of your friends recommends it to you, trying it out seems like an easy decision to make. It is human nature. We are confused about spending our money on things we are not sure would turn out to be worth it. And this is why reviews and recommendations are such a hit nowadays. They help people make good choices.

As a business, you can use these recommendations in your favor. If you have a few happy customers who would love to vouch for your product or services, use them to gain more clients. You can incorporate these reviews in your videos or add them on your website under customer testimonials. Making mini videos to post on social media is a great way to attract customer attention by gaining trust.

  • Collaborate With Social Media Influencers:

Gone are the days of getting celebrities to pose with your products in a TV commercial and expecting your sales to skyrocket. Now is the era of social media influencers! These are individuals who have an online presence through content creation in various niches, such as skincare bloggers, fashion influencers, lifestyle, health bloggers, etc.

The majority of the public uses one or other online platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, we all are present on one or the other. And this also means that social media influencers have a broad audience reach. For example, consider you own a skincare brand In Sydney, Australia. Collaborating and sending out your promotional products in Sydney to a few skincare gurus who have Instagram blogs is an excellent opportunity to create awareness for your brand. If you want genuine reviews, you can send them a sample and ask them to try it out and post their feedback.

On the other hand, if you want to do paid collaborations, you can reach out to them and strike a deal regarding advertising your products on their blog. Consider the case of the now well-known skincare brand, Sand & Sky, which sells pink clay. The brand’s fame and sales broke the ceiling only when Huda Beauty posted about their product on her Instagram handle. Collaborating with social media influencers is quite a trending marketing tactic these days. One which you can use as well to get your sales soaring in the first quarter.

  • Run Contests And Giveaways:

Another fun way to increase your social media reach is to conduct contests and giveaways. They help you spread the word without spending too much on promotional material. We all love winning and getting free prizes. You decide on a prize and ask the viewers to share your page or ask their friends to subscribe to you, whatever your strategy is. Once they do what you ask them to, they instantly become part of the draw to win a giveaway prize. Later, you pick out a name and announce the winner.

Usually, each consumer does not have to do much to become a contestant. However, when many people share your content, the combined effect is monumental for your business. It is a perfect win-win situation. It is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get some needed attention to your products or services. If you also wish to increase your webpage traffic through this, you can add your website address in the contest post.

  • Host Events:

Imagine getting an invite to a meet-and-greet with a celebrity at a salon. Also, the invite mentions that manicures will be on the house for the entire event. Getting a free manicure while sipping some drinks and then later meeting a celebrity does not sound like a dull day at all. Hosting events such as a book launch or an open house to try out food if you are launching a bakery are great ways to promote your business. It will let your customers interact with you before buying your products.

However, during the current pandemic, virtual events have also significantly replaced physical ones. You can host a virtual meet-up or launch event, and it will be as successful.

  • Use Emails To Promote Yourself:

We often undermine the value a good email marketing strategy can add to a promotional campaign. However, the key lies in not making it look spammy. Most of what you send will land in spam unless you make it stand out. And the best way is to make the email content straightforward, creative, and attention-grasping. You can remind past customers of your brand and entice them to purchase from you again, or you could gain a fresh new clientele by rigorous email campaigns. Whichever strategy you adopt, remember that email marketing is a fantastic way to interact with your customers directly and convince them to buy from you.


Marketing is a critical function of any business since it helps you sell your valued products. Regardless of how unique your product is, if you cannot convince the audience to try it out, it fails. And this is why you must assess the market and devise some fail-proof marketing strategies. We have outlined a few plans above. We are pretty positive that these tactics will get your sales soaring in the first quarter of the new year.

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