Most Popular December Global Holidays

December is a popular time to host holiday celebrations because it is the last month of the year. December is jam-packed with numerous religious, national, and cultural events surrounding the world. The December Global holidays are a combination of winter festivals and more traditional holidays.

You should know the 10 Most Popular December Global Holidays

The December Global holidays are the most popular of all the winter holidays. December is a month of celebrations, festivities, and new beginnings. December is also a month of winter festivals and celebrations. The winter holidays are celebrated around the world, which makes December one of the most popular global holidays.

  1. Hanukkah

Most Popular December Global Holidays

Celebrate date: November 28-December 06

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Maccabees’ victory over the Seleucid. The holiday is celebrated by lighting one candle every day and commemorating this with a special meal. The eight-day festival is a time of joy and spiritual renewal.

  1. World Aid Day

World Aid Day

Celebrate date: December 01

Which one of the best December Global Holidays? World Aid Day is an international day of service that happens every year on December 1. It was created by the United Nations in 2014, and it’s a day to celebrate humanity’s ability to create positive change and build a brighter future.

The day of service is a 24-hour event, but many people choose to take part in shorter events throughout the day. The day’s events are meant to take place in many different ways, from donating money to donating your time.

  1. Christmas 


Celebrate date: 25 December

During the Christmas season, there are many events. Some of the most popular winter festivals include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Winter Solstice.

The Christmas holiday is celebrated by Christians and members of other faiths on December 25 each year. Christmas is also celebrated by some people on December 24.

  1. Bod-hi Day

Bod-hi Day

Celebrate date: December 08

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that is celebrated on April 8th. It is a day in which people remember the Buddha’s first sermon, which happened on the full moon of the fourth lunar month of the Buddhist calendar.

In the month of December, the celebrations of the day are mostly related to the many winter festivals that happen around the world. The Buddha’s first sermon was given on this day, and it was heart-warming.

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that is traditionally celebrated in the month of December. Bod-hi Day is a part of the Buddhist Lent as well, which lasts for a total of four weeks.

  1. Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Celebrate date: December 10

In order to celebrate Human Rights Day, people around the world have gathered to dedicate themselves to the cause of human rights. The focus of this day is to remember the atrocities of the past and to act against them.

The United Nations states that “any violation of fundamental human rights anywhere in the world is a violation of human rights everywhere.” Human Rights Day was created by the United Nations Human Rights Council to commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. It is on this day that people around the world are expected to celebrate human rights.

  1. Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Celebrate date: December 08

December is a time to celebrate, but not everyone knows what to celebrate. For those who do know, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other holiday festivities abound. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception falls on December 8, which is the Immaculate Conception day in the Catholic Church.

In Spanish-speaking countries, Christmas falls on December 25, which is the day that Jesus was born. However, December 8 is a national holiday in Spain. This holiday is celebrated by Catholics and is commonly referred to as Immaculate Conception day.

  1. St. Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia’s Day

Celebrate date: December 12

St. Lucia’s Day is a religious holiday in the Caribbean. It is celebrated on December 13th, which is the day that St. Lucia is said to have given her cloak to a poor woman. The day commemorates both the woman and the day that she was baptized. St. Lucia is said to have used her cloak as a towel for the woman, who was dirty and covered in ash.

This day is thought to be a celebration of the woman’s faith and resolve. She is said to have given her cloak to the woman, who used it to clean herself and then leave. It is also celebrated by the people of St. Lucia, who believe in the power of the light of the cloak to bring good luck to those who wear it.

  1. Las Posadas

Las Posadas

Celebrate date: December 16 to 24

Las Posadas is the Spanish-Mexican tradition that takes place in December and prefigures the Christmas celebration. It is celebrated during the 7 days between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is a time to take stock of the year and to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child. The story goes that Mary and Joseph were passing by Bethlehem and they could not find lodging.

They were so tired that they went to sleep in the barn. The animals, who were also tired, went to sleep and the angel Gabriel, who was going to bring the baby Jesus to the world, had to find a place to lay his head. He found the place where Mary and Joseph were sleeping and placed a special pillow made of hay for them to sleep on.

When the animals awoke and got up, they found that their bed was gone. They went all over the barn looking for the bed, but could not find it. Thus, they sang and did penance, which is the same as saying prayers.

  1. Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Celebrate date: December 26

Boxing day, also known as Boxing Day, is a holiday celebrated in many countries on 26 December. It is celebrated as the day after Christmas Day. Boxing Day is a public holiday in many countries, but in most of them, the business day starts on 25 December.

Boxing Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and some other Commonwealth countries, and in the United States. Boxing Day was originally a banking holiday when workers had half a day off to follow the example of early Christians and hit the pubs.

  1. Kwanzaa


Kwanzaa is an African-American cultural and religious holiday celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, traditionally held from December 26 to January 1. The holiday was created by Dr. Manana Karen, who named it after the Swahili phrase “mandate ya Kwanzaa”, meaning “first fruits of the harvest”. Kwanzaa is a seven-day celebration that starts with the first day of Christmas and lasts until the last day of the year. The celebration includes African-American cultural and religious traditions.

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