The Revolutionary Cosmetic Manipulation Techniques That Sono Bello Offers

Cosmetic manipulation techniques have become very popular with urban dwellers these days. The benefits of these techniques are many and unlike some years ago, people these days are confident about these cosmetic surgeries and do not hesitate to go ahead with them.

Specialty clinics like Sono Bello have further given people the confidence to get these procedures done owing to the highly safe and scientific methods they use to perform the procedures. The Sono Bello Reviews that highlight how convenient and hassle-free these procedures are have also added to the popularity of the clinic and the services its offers.

Sono Bello Reviews

Primarily the following two cosmetic procedures are made available at Sono Bello:

  • Body Transformation
  • Facial Rejuvenation

For the body transformation procedures, the following technologies are used at the clinic:

  • TriSculpt: With the help of this procedure the fat pockets are permanently removed to give the body a well-contoured look. The revolutionary Power-lite liposuction technique is used to suck out the stubborn fat deposited in places around the mid-line of the body. After the removal of the unwanted fat, the micro laser is used to further refine the sculpting of the area by promoting the production of collagen fibers. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it is done under wide-awake anesthesia.


  • Venus Freeze: In this technique, the powerful radio frequencies and magnetic pulses are combined and directed at the areas with unwanted fat pockets. These agitate the fat cells promoting their breakdown and eventual excretion with the body’s metabolic wastes. This technique is non-invasive and feels more like a warm massage. This is one reason why the Sono Bello Reviews are all praises for this revolutionary procedure.


  • Vela Shape: This involves a bi-fold technique in which both vacuum suction, as well as massage, is involved. This system primarily works around increasing the rate of metabolism as well as lymphatic drainage. This treatment is well-approved by the FDA and can give lasting results in as less as 4 sessions.

For the face lift procedures, both surgical and non-surgical methods are followed depending on the severity and complexity of the case.

Contouring the jowls, removing the horizontal bands from the neck, eliminating the ugly double chin, stretching up the eyebrow, smoothening the skin around the eyes to lessen the appearance of wrinkles as well as removing the puffed-up appearance under the eyes are all done by the various laser techniques.

The expert professionals who work with Sono Bello have years of experience in this domain and perform the procedures with extreme caution. The Sono Bello Reviews also suggest that the way the procedures are performed at this clinic, patients go through the minimum downtime. Not only are the in-house patients cared for in such a way that they are able to get back to their feet in no time, even those having undergone procedures in an outpatient setting recover in the least possible time and get back to their life with renewed confidence.

Thus, Sono Bello really makes a difference with its innovative technologies.

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